Hearing Breakthrough! How Does This Revolutionary Hearing Aid Cost 20 Times Less Than The Competition?

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"Hear what 1000's of others are hearing starting at just $189"
Melissa Potter / January 7, 2023
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"I used to dread spending time with my grandchildren because I couldn't hear them properly. But now, thanks to Audien, I can hear their giggles & laughter as clear as a bell!"

Rebecca, a grandmother of 3, once described her life as “living in a world where everyone else heard the music, while she just saw the dance.”

Every missed giggle, whispered secret, and distant bird’s song made her heart sink a little more.

‍Rebecca had been diagnosed with age-related hearing loss a couple of years ago, and ever since had felt the weight of missing out on the sounds of life.

She felt alone, like she was trapped in her own silent world, disconnected from the ones she loved‍.

When she explored hearing aids as a solution, the price her audiologist quoted nearly made her fall over.

$4000...just for the basic model.

Although she would pay any price to be able to hear her family again – there was simply no way she could afford them.

One evening, while trying to enjoy a dinner with her family at their favorite bistro, Rebecca felt that familiar lonely feeling again.

‍The clanging of plates, loud music, murmured conversations and the distant hum of the city outside made it nearly impossible for her to engage with her loved ones.

‍She turned to her daughter with tears in her eyes, confiding “I just want to hear about my granddaughter's first day of school…”

Seeing the sadness in her mother’s eyes, Rebecca’s daughter recommended an affordable hearing aid she had read about online.

“Mom, it’s a small change, but I believe it could make a world of difference,” she urged.

Taking a leap of faith, Rebecca decided to give these hearing aids a try. To her amazement, the world transformed.

It was as if someone had suddenly turned up the volume on the world.

The sounds all came flooding back.

Rebecca could communicate clearly with her family, hearing the stories, sharing the giggles, and letting them all know how wonderful it was to hear their voices again.

She no longer felt isolated; in fact, she felt more connected than she had in decades.

Thanks to these tiny new hearing aids, she could communicate clearly, even in noisy environments.

She never thought she would hear like this again.She couldn’t believe her ears.

But the most shocking thing of all was that these revolutionary hearing aids cost only a tiny fraction of the $4000/pair ones her audiologist had recommended to her...


Hearing loss can make you feel incredibly isolated.

You struggle to catch every word in conversation.

The joyful laughter of a loved one can seem distant and muted.

You might feel trapped in your own world, separate from everyone else.

But you’re not alone.

In fact, more than 500 million people worldwide - more than the entire population of the United States - experience hearing loss.

Why do so many people experience hearing loss?

In our fast-paced, busy modern world, our ears face a relentless bombardment of noise.

Just take a simple walk down the street. The screech of brakes, the piercing sounds of construction, and the overwhelming racket of street music. Each of these can cause damage to your hearing.

As you get older, all this damage begins to add up. You begin to hear less and less of the noises of the world around you. This is what’s known as permanent hearing damage - and it’s certainly something you need to take seriously.

Your hearing is precious. Not only does it allow you to connect with your life and your loved ones...

But it also plays a crucial role in your brain’s health.

In fact, research from Johns Hopkins reveals that hearing loss can be tied to an increased risk of Alzheimer's, dementia, and depression. It even affects your physical balance, increasing the likelihood of falls.

For the sake of your life, your loved ones, and your brain, maintaining your hearing is absolutely critical.

You CAN Improve Your Hearing

It may feel that all hope is lost, but let me reassure you - There is help out there to improve your hearing and protect your brain function.

The first step to receiving help is to recognize the signs of hearing loss.

Here are a few of the biggest tells:
- You have to keep the TV or radio volume up really high
- You can’t connect with others as much as you used to be able to
- Your spouse, friends, or family complain about you asking them to repeat themselves
- You don’t notice the “little” sounds like the wind blowing, the rustling of leaves, the birds chirping
- You often “tune out” of conversations because you miss words or struggle to follow along
- You feel left out and struggle to socialize in groups (especially in loud environments)
- You choose to visit friends, relatives, or neighbors less often than you would like because communicating with them is difficult

If one or more of these symptoms apply to you, you may be dealing with hearing loss.

Accepting this might feel tough but rather than sinking into despair, taking the steps to embrace a solution can be powerful in improving your hearing and your life.

Time is of the essence.

The sooner you address your hearing loss, the better. Leaving it untreated is likely to cause it to get worse with each passing day.

So if you think you have hearing loss, it’s urgent that you act now - putting off treatment is likely to only make things worse and make treatment less effective in the future.

Having made the decision to address your hearing loss, many face the next challenge: affordability.


The Financial Barrier

Although nearly 27 million Americans aged 50 and older have hearing loss, only one in seven uses a hearing aid. There’s a clear reason for this: The cost

Hearing aids cost on average more than $4,600/pair.

For many, affording such a high price tag is not possible, preventing them from getting the hearing assistance they need.

But there is some good news. Previously, only prescription hearing aids had been a viable solution for those with hearing loss to improve their hearing and protect their brain.

This allowed the big hearing companies to charge whatever they liked for hearing aids–locking hearing solutions behind large price tags that are simply too much for the average person.

But with the FDA recently allowing the sale of “Over-The-Counter” (OTC) hearing aids, the stranglehold that these giant corporations have on the hearing industry has finally been released.

Thanks to this monumental shift, an innovative new hearing company is introducing groundbreaking technology at a fraction of the price...

Audien Hearing isn’t just disrupting the market – they’ve made it their mission to make hearing assistance available to everyone by offering their brand-new hearing aids 95% cheaper than the big brands.

A BREAKTHROUGH Hearing Technology That’s Affordable For All - The Atom 2 Series
Audien Hearing has once again made waves in the hearing industry with the launch of their Atom 2 Series–an advanced, yet astoundingly affordable, rechargeable hearing device.

Retailing at an accessible $189/pair, the Atom 2 Series showcases a never-before-seen blend of cutting-edge features and unmatched value for money.

The sheer simplicity of the Atom 2 Series is a testament to Audien’s user-centric design approach.

The Atom 2 Series work “right out of the box” and don’t require any complicated setup procedures. This means that as soon as they arrive on your doorstep, you can start hearing crystal-clear sounds like you haven’t in years.

Aside from the incredible price, the most impressive new feature about the Atom 2 Series is that they offer 4 distinct hearing modes. This allows you to select your own perfect settings based on your individual needs and situation.

What’s more, Audien has spent a long time developing their revolutionary A2 chip, which is included in the Atom 2 Series. This chip ensures that you’ll hear the soft hum of the refrigerator, and the distant chirp of the birds as if they were right next to you. The Atom 2 Series’ crystal-clear sound helps you rediscover the delightful sounds you didn’t know you’d been missing.

A 24-hour battery life means no more frantic searches for hard-to-replace batteries. No interruptions. Just a full day of clear hearing. Simply place them on the included wireless charging dock at night and they’ll be ready for you the next morning.

Designed for comfort and discretion, The Atom 2 Series feature a patented in-ear design, making them wearable even with glasses. They’re also 28% smaller than the original, making them some of the least noticeable hearing aids ever made.

It’s clear that Audien has gone to every length to ensure that cutting-edge hearing technology is available to everyone by including so many impressive features, at an insanely affordable price.

This might seem a little too good to be true right now.

After all, for the first time in history, you can restore your hearing for as little as $189.

‍Especially since you might be used to paying $2000, $3000, or even $4000+ for a set of hearing aids.

So how is Audien able to offer their Atom 2 Series at such a low price?

How is the Atom 2 Series So Affordable?

To understand how Audien has made their Atom 2 Series so affordable, you need to know why the major retailers all charge so much money for theirs.

Most retailers' hearing aids go through as many as 4-5 steps before they even get into the hands of their customers.

Here’s how it usually works:
- Factory-made and assembled.
- Sold to retailers via sales reps.
- Pushed to another retailer or medical professional.
- Finally, retailed to you with a little extra for fancy hearing tests, custom molds, and in-person service...

This long chain of steps not only exhausts time but inflates prices - with you footing the bill.

Audien does things differently.

They make hearing aids and sell them straight to you. No middlemen. No markups. And they pass these savings DIRECTLY TO YOU.

This also means it’s a much faster process to get your hearing aids from Audien: 3-5 days direct to your doorstep, rather than the 2-3 months you can expect from the traditional route

But if the Audien Atom 2 Series are so affordable, surely they don’t work as well as my $5000 pair?

Well, let’s explore this next.


How Does The Atom 2 Series Work?

Audien went back to basics when it came to designing the Atom 2 Series.

Audien’s mission has always been to make hearing assistance available to as many people as possible.

Rather than packing in “nice-to-have” features like Bluetooth, app streaming, and specialized programming—which tend to inflate the price - Audien focussed on creating a simple, straightforward hearing aid with one sole purpose: crystal-clear hearing.

This approach allowed Audien to design the most powerful and easy-to-use hearing technology on the market, at the lowest cost possible.

Here’s how simple it is to use The Atom 2 Series from the moment it arrives:

Step 1: Choose your hearing mode & volume

You might need to play around with these to find the hearing mode that suits you best. Start with the volume low and increase from there.

Step 2: Ensure a comfortable fit

Everyone's ears are unique. Select the ear tip that provides the most comfortable and snug fit for you.

Step 3: Turn On and Tune in

Switch on The Atom 2 Series, and insert it into your ear. Enjoy crystal-clear sound, all day long.

And that’s it! Experience the sounds of the world flooding back to you!

The Atom 2 Series are making high-quality hearing aids available to all, and changing lives every day because of it. Users have reported being able to communicate easier with their loved ones and enjoy their day-to-day lives more than they have in years.

Marina B. said that her Atom 2 Series are a ‘blessing’ that’s finally provided her with ‘Clear sound and no more shouting matches.’

Similarly with Gregory F., it wasn’t just about hearing, but about strengthening the bond with his family. He recalls, ‘I used to feel like I was constantly asking my wife & kids to repeat themselves & this was starting to cause a lot of tension in our relationships but with Audien I can finally hear clearly without any problems.'

So you know how the Atom 2 Series work...but how do you know they’ll work for you?

How Do I Know if Atom 2 Series is Right for Me?
It’s natural to be cautious when considering a purchase from a new company, especially for something as important as hearing aids.

Even with something as affordable as Audien’s Atom 2 Series, you might have some concerns.

You might wonder “Will they work for me? Will they comfortably fit in my ears?”

Rest assured, The Atom 2 Series were designed to be “one size fits all”, coming ready to use right out of the box. Included are multiple ear tips so you can find the most snug fit.

They’re also 28% smaller than the original Atom, allowing them to fit almost every ear on Earth comfortably and securely.

So, how can you be sure the Atom 2 Series is right for you? Here are some signs that you’d benefit from using the Atom 2s:

- You have to keep the TV volume up really high
- You feel like your hearing prevents you from being able to connect with others as much as you would like
- Your spouse, friends, or family complain about you frequently asking them to repeat themselves
- You don’t notice the “little” sounds like the wind blowing, the rustle of the leaves, or the birds chirping
- You often “tune out” of conversation because you miss words and struggle to follow along
- You feel left out and struggle to socialize in loud environments
- You hear a “ringing in your ears” a lot of the time
- You can’t afford traditional hearing aids
- You don’t want big, noticeable, uncomfortable behind-the-ear hearing aids
- You want something that is simple and easy to use (without all the confusing “fancy” features)

If you say yes to one or more of these issues, the Atom 2 Series might be for you!

The Atom 2 or The Atom Pro 2: How to Choose

Audien has launched two separate versions of the Atom 2 Series: The Atom 2 and the Atom Pro 2. Wondering which to choose? Let’s break it down.

While both of them are cutting-edge advancements in hearing aid technology, the Atom Pro 2 takes it up a notch.

The Pro 2 includes Audien’s most advanced background noise cancellation ever, perfect for those who find they struggle to communicate with others in noisy environments. This noise cancelation dials down the volume of unwanted background noise while letting voices, music, and essential sounds shine through.

They’re also another 15% smaller than even the Atom 2s - making them so comfortable, secure, and unnoticeable, you’ll probably forget you even have them in!

But what truly sets the Atom Pro 2 apart is the first-of-its-kind 2-in-1 cleaning & charging case. This case harnesses UV light, eliminating 99.9% of bacteria during charging - a blessing for those wary of ear infections from prolonged hearing aid use.

Whether you opt for the Atom 2 Series or the Atom Pro 2, you can be certain that you’re investing in a quality hearing aid that will improve your hearing and your life for the long term.


Why Not Try the Atom 2 Series Today?

If you’ve made it this far, I can probably safely assume it’s because deep down, you yearn for the joys of crisp sounds and meaningful conversations again.

Let's recap what we’ve discussed:

- Communication barriers: You've grappled with hearing loss, which severely affects your ability to communicate with friends and family.
- Mental and cognitive well-being: You're aware of the detrimental effects that untreated hearing loss can have on your brain's health and well-being.

- Cost factor: You know that traditional hearing aids usually come with a staggering cost of around $5,000/pair.

Take that crucial step. Give the Atom 2 Series a shot today and rediscover the joys of clear hearing and deep, meaningful communication with your loved ones.

But if you’re still on the fence, Audien has allowed you to try Atom 2 Series COMPLETELY RISK FREE.

- 45-Day Money-Back Guarantee: Experience Atom 2 Series with zero risks. If you're unsatisfied for any reason, simply return the device within 45 days for a full refund.
- 1-Year Warranty: Rest easy knowing all Audien devices are backed by a one-year warranty.
- Lifetime Support: Receive ongoing support from Audien after your purchase, ensuring you get the most from your Atom 2 Series.

So what are you waiting for?

Click the link below to try the Audien Atom 2 Series Hearing Aids today!



We’ve just received word from Audien that over 80% of their Atom 2 Series stock has been SOLD.

That leaves only 20% left of the Atom 2 Series and the Atom Pro 2 left available for purchase from their website.

If you’ve been looking for a high-quality hearing aid that doesn’t break the bank, we highly recommend you head to the link below to check the availability of the Atom 2 Series now.

Don’t miss out. Check the availability right away.



How are the Atom 2 Series so affordable?

Audien has streamlined the traditional process by cutting out the middlemen and selling their hearing devices directly from the factory to you, the customer. By eliminating the expenses of audiologists, brick-and-mortar overheads, sales reps, and other intermediaries, they're able to offer a powerful device at an incredibly competitive price.

Do I need a hearing test?

It’s never a bad idea to have your hearing checked, but you don’t need one to try the Atom 2 Series. Simply place your order online, and you'll have your new hearing aids delivered to your doorstep in just 3-5 days, ready to wear straight out of the box!

Will these work for me?

Most people find success with Audien's hearing devices. However, to give you peace of mind, there's a 45-day money-back guarantee. This allows you to try the Atom 2s risk-free and with complete confidence.

Will the Atom 2 Series fit my ears?

The Atom 2 Series boasts a patented, compact design that's tailored for comfort. While being remarkably small, it ensures a snug fit and delivers impeccable sound. Plus, with multiple ear tip options, you can find the perfect fit for your unique ear shape.

Are these as good as $5000 prescription hearing aids?

While the Atom 2 Series might not have all the bells and whistles of pricier prescription aids, they cover all the essential bases for improved hearing — at a fraction of the cost. And if, for any reason, you're not satisfied, you can always return them for a full refund and then consider other, pricier alternatives.


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